Because Credibility Matters

Experience, teamwork and a total commitment to client service make MPI the choice of leading attorneys across the country.  MPI’s senior professionals provide expert consulting services and testimony in Federal and State Courts, U.S. Tax Court, and at mediation and arbitration.  Our opinions are guided by many years of capital markets experience across a wide array of industries, and the ability to develop sound economic models and to convey distinct, credible conclusions.  We strive to achieve successful outcomes and are committed to the highest levels of client service.

MPI provides litigation consulting related to the following:

It's been a pleasure working with you and your team; your questions were incisive without being intrusive, and you managed to produce a very impressive and convincing report. - MPI Client

If you or your client have a current or foreseeable need, please contact Dan KerriganCynthia Jones in confidence and without obligation.