A Rich Heritage of Unparalleled Expertise

MPI (Management Planning Inc.) is a business valuation and advisory firm providing valuations for a variety of tax, financial reporting and other business applications, as well as corporate advisory services to business owners and their representatives.

MPI has over 75 years of experience preparing Business Valuations for estate and gift tax planning and estate tax administration matters. MPI’s work product is used as the foundation for succession planning strategies implemented by advisors for numerous types of businesses and assets. MPI has decades of experience presenting and defending its work product to IRS agents and engineers at the initial audit and appellate levels. Our valuation conclusions have withstood scrutiny under audit and been accepted as filed at a high rate, which has the effect of helping clients avoid the perils and costs of tax court or ongoing tax disputes with the IRS.

MPI is routinely engaged for Litigation Support and expert witness testimony for business valuation matters in a litigation context. When needed, MPI's senior professionals have appeared as expert witnesses in the U.S. Tax Court, U.S. District Court, U.S. Claims Court, state courts, domestic relations courts, before governmental agencies, and in arbitration tribunals on numerous occasions.

MPI is more than just a valuation provider, it is a trusted resource that offers a complimentary suite of valuation and advisory services, and brings 75+ years of experience and insights to every project.

For our Financial Reporting Valuation clients, we provide a rigorous analysis justifying our Fair Value conclusions for both private and public companies. MPI helps financial officers resolve fair value reporting issues successfully and in a timely manner. Our staff is accustomed to the financial statement audit process and has worked with and presented their results to national and regional accounting firms.

Our Corporate Advisory and Transaction team provides objective advice based on solid business, economic and financial analysis. This advice can be invaluable as owners and executives contemplate important strategic and financial opportunities. With 75+ years of experience helping business owners throughout the lifecycle of ownership, MPI is prepared to assist clients in a variety of complex financial matters and transactions.