At the most recent Attorneys for Family-Held Enterprises (afhe) Conference, Tadd Lindsay and I discussed why MPI is not only a sponsor of the 2015 afhe conference but also a member of the organization. MPI has been providing business valuation, expert testimony and advisory services to closely-held businesses for more than 75 years. Over this time, the dynamics of governance have become increasingly more complex, requiring a multidisciplinary approach. Membership in afhe allows MPI and other organizations to come together to discuss issues, share intellectual property and more effectively address the concerns of closely held business owners.

About MPI

MPI, a prestigious national consulting firm founded in 1939, specializes in business valuation, forensic accounting, litigation support and corporate advisory work. MPI provides fairness opinions, sell-side and buy-side advisory services through its investment banking affiliate MPI Securities, Inc. MPI conducts every project as if it is going to face the highest level of scrutiny, and its senior professionals have extensive experience presenting and defending work product in front of financial statement auditors, management teams, corporate boards and fiduciaries, the IRS, other government agencies, and in various courts.