MPI is the leader in commercial litigation support

Litigation support and forensic accounting services

Commercial disputes may involve multiple stages and follow a multitude of paths of resolution. MPI’s team of valuation, damages and forensic accounting professionals has the practical experience to assist clients throughout the major stages within the dispute cycle, including case assessment, discovery, development of an independent opinion of value or damages, trial preparation and expert testimony

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MPI’s litigation support professionals have been retained to calculate financial damages, review forensics in business litigation, value assets or ownership interest in dispute and perform other forensic and economic analyses. Our engagements include direct retention in an expert capacity by litigation counsel to plaintiffs or defendants, as well as in a neutral capacity by mediators or jointly by the parties. Our services include analyses related to:

  • Breach of Contract – assisting with determining the appropriate economic damages resulting from the breach
  • Intellectual Property (IP) Disputes – assisting the parties valuation of IP, or damages resulting from theft or infringement of IP
  • Employment Disputes, i.e. trade secret theft or other economic theft – uncovering damages, whether through the loss of business or actual dollar amount that was stolen
  • Insurance Claims – assisting parties to determine damages
  • Business Interruption Claims – assisting parties asses damages from loss of business from a natural disaster or some other cause of business interruption
  • Shareholder Disputes – Often a business valuation is required to assist the owners in settling a dispute
  • Litigation Support for Family Law Attorneys
  • Commercial Litigation Support for Corporate Litigation


Our forensic professionals apply specialized knowledge, diversified experience, and investigative skills in providing forensic accounting services which may include:

  • Assistance with document/discovery requests (if the matter is in litigation);
  • Document review
  • Data analysis
  • Issuance of findings and conclusions in an expert report; and
  • Deposition and trial testimony

From discovery to trial, MPI Commercial Litigation Support and Forensic Accounting Services are comprehensive and thorough. We stand behind our findings and will defend them during cross-examination.

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