MPI’s Financial Modeling

When contemplating various strategic initiatives, such as significant expansion, joint ventures or corporate partnerships, capital structure augmentation or a capital raise, it is critical to implement a rigorous financial forecast.  Too often, such forecasts lack the depth and flexibility necessary to capture industry dynamics, demand drivers or multiple scenarios.

MPI has built sophisticated models for companies operating in a multitude of industries and spanning the entire business life cycle – from incubation to maturity.  We leverage this experience to capture the complexity of your business, while still presenting our work in a model that is understandable and flexible.

Our financial models have been used for such initiatives as:

  • Forecasting the capital needs and likely timing of funding rounds of start-ups
  • Assessing the efficiency and optimal subset of capital forms such as preferred stock, participating preferred stock, convertible debt, etc.
  • Reviewing leverage constraints and targeting optimal debt / equity mix
  • Developing acquisition templates, complete with identification of deal synergies and borrowing capacity
  • Stress testing management projections with a view to assess reasonableness

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