Matrimonial Dissolution Services

Whether entering into a marriage or needing assistance with marital dissolution, MPI’s team of senior professionals can assist with discovery, financial analyses, marital dissolution valuation, preparation of reports, settlement negotiations and/or trial preparation. We work closely with legal counsel to make the process as smooth and convenient as possible. During what can be an emotional and stressful time, it can be a challenge to ensure that financial assets are disclosed and represented accordingly. Whether intentional or unintentional, it’s not uncommon for parties to overlook certain financial, income, or property matters when moving forward in this major life event. At MPI we are more than just business valuation and financial experts. Our breadth of skills, experience, tact, and industry awareness all deliver a solution our clients can trust. We’ll work with you to identify and achieve a resolution that protects what’s important to all parties.

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Services Offered by MPI for Marital Dissolution Cases are as follows:

  • Business Valuation
  • Other Support Services including:
    • Drafting and/or reviewing pre-nuptial, post-nuptial and settlement agreement language with regard to financial issues and disclosure
    • Settlement structuring
    • Financial discovery, asset tracing, and lifestyle analysis
    • Negotiations, mediation, or/and arbitration
    • Marital dissolution consulting and planning
    • Depositions and trials, including expert witness testimony
    • Preparing net worth statements, financial affidavits, and case information statements

Business Valuation

A business owned by one or both members of the marriage may or may not represent a significant part of an overall marital dissolution.  That being said, a valuation of the privately-owned business will need to be had in order to help settle the marital estate. Gain fairness and peace of mind with full disclosure through a business valuation.  MPI performs business valuations using three methods:

Asset approach:  Often appropriate for companies that are considering liquidation or might not be operating profitably.

Income approach:  Considers the present value of all future cash flow to be generated by the business.

Market approach:  Considers other transactions of similar businesses in the same general industry as the subject business.

Accuracy is paramount for valuations included in divorce proceedings. Our team of valuation professionals will determine and defend an accurate business valuation, and have a history of testifying to such figures in court, arbitration or settlement conferences.  MPI’s professionals can be hired by the working spouse, non-working spouse, or jointly if agreed to by all sides. If you’re a party to a marital dissolution with private business interests, please Contact MPI to discuss your case today.

Other Matrimonial Planning Services

In addition to the business valuation services offered by MPI in Matrimonial Dissolution cases, we also offer the following services to clients going through a divorce:

  • Financial Discovery – MPI understands what documents and records are needed and the analysis necessary to assess the financial matters in the case. We work with the attorneys to obtain this information through discovery to achieve our results in the most cost-effective manner.
  • Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements – MPI helps ensure that there is adequate and appropriate disclosure of financial issues for these legal documents.
  • Financial Affidavits – We understand the importance of complete and accurate disclosure of all income and property by both parties. We assist the attorney in the identification of income and/or property matters for the client and anything that may have been overlooked by the other side (intentionally or unintentionally). We examine financial statements, accounting records and tax returns to determine the true income and cash flow generated by the spouses, including if a business is involved.
  • Settlement Negotiations – We assist the attorney and the client in understanding the sources of income and the nature of assets, as well as the tax ramifications of each. We work closely with the attorney to determine the appropriate strategy that provides a fair settlement and protects the client.
  • Lifestyle Analysis – We assist the attorney and the Court in understanding the standard of living the parties enjoy through a thorough analysis of the flow of funds into among and between bank accounts, among between bank accounts and credit card charges.
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution – In addition to courtroom experience, our experts have extensive experience in mediation and arbitrations.

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