By Daniel M. Kerrigan

September 16, 2018

Rainmakers Roundup Host Mark Iorio interviews MPI’s Mark Lingerfield about the business valuation industry and MPI’s additional expertise across M&A advisory services, litigation support and financial reporting valuations.

“As valuation becomes more complex, MPI distinguishes itself through 80 years of experience, innovation and techniques,” says Lingerfield.

Lingerfield discusses how major tax law changes have impacted the company’s business, but even as the number of taxable estates has decreased, MPI is still viewed as a market leader for gift/estate tax valuations.

“We are big on relationships,” he adds. “There’s always a partner on the job. Especially in litigation support – you have to know the expert and they are involved from the very beginning. That’s something that we pride ourselves in.”

From trust and estate valuations to M&A advisory work to financial reporting and litigation support, Lingerfield discusses the various market opportunities and how the company serves its customers’ needs.

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